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Welcome to RipeTime!

RipeTime is a young and innovative agri-tech company that offers a new generation of world-leading ripeness analytics to help reduce cost of quality and deliver the best produce every time.

RipeTime is focused and dedicated to developing our already highly advanced detection system, helping our customers deliver only the highest quality of fruit and vegetables to the market.

RipeTime invites you to take some time to find out more about our technology, products and team.

Providing world-leading analytics on ripeness

RipeTime is a New Zealand start-up ag-tech company who has developed world-leading analytics technology that can detect ripeness and quality issues by measuring levels of present ethylene and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Our team includes a wide spectrum of scientific, engineering, commercialisation and problem solving experience, coupled with truly simple, truly unique, leading-edge technology.

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How does Ripetime work?

Our technology provides a way for a sensor to see a higher concentration than the sample. It’s an amplifier. The technology then releases the collected sample into a small space, exposing it to a variety of sensors. The small volume results in amplified gas concentration, as we push the collected gas out of its electrochemical straight jacket.

This approach is near limitless in its versatility, whereby a wide range of sensors specific to different materials of interest can be combined in the same test device, to detect almost any number of measurands simultaneously. This method which allows us to amplify the ability of almost all gas sensors is the thing that differentiates us from the entire sector.

Our Technology 
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Why RipeTime?

  • Improved decision making across value chain segments
  • Minimizes fruit and vegetable wastage
  • Ability to access previously unavailable data during early stages of ripening
  • Detects both ethylene and VOC’s not easily visible to current technology
  • Reduces cost of quality
  • Can be used across climacteric and non-climacteric produce groups as a ripening sensor
  • An additional quality tool for early rot detection

Advantages and benefits 


We are looking for world leaders that share our passion for produce and minimising cost of quality. To find out how we can help, get in touch.

RipeTime is a fast-growing technology company and is looking to recruit talented and dynamic individuals. Currently we are looking to recruit technical and manufacturing staff in our Auckland office, and business development & channel management professionals in a number of locations. To find out more, see our Vacancies page.  For technical opportunities, contact Nat Torkington. For channel and partner opportunities, contact Michael Vukcevic.