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Our Story

RipeTime arose from the vision of a technology for ultra-high sensitivity and a cost-efficient measurement of fresh produce, to drive a new level of expectation in the food waste problem, a detrimental presence across the whole primary sector.

Initially a New Zealand company, Innovators Ltd, researched the science and the approach to the detection of Ethylene in the produce sector. It was through a relationship with Auckland University of Technology (AUT) and an under-graduate study that lead Jon Lowy and the team at Innovators to form RipeTime.


In October 2015, RipeTime implemented a trial in conjunction with SEEKA, one of New Zealand’s largest kiwifruit supply-chain operators. The trial was held at one of SEEKA’s cool-store environments in Te Puke, New Zealand. Two months later RipeTime passed a significant milestone; results from this trial on kiwifruit proved RipeTime technology was accurate and efficient. We were able to predict the level of ripeness across five pallets and rank them from worst to best. Our results were so significant, SEEKA applied our technology on a much larger scale for the 2016 season.

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Ripetime identified a “problem” box of 20 soft kiwifruits in a 40,000 cubic metre space within an hour of accidental arrival

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Board of Directors

  • Ross Shannon

  • Kevin McFall


Ross has a strong background of leadership training and motivation.

For a number of years he specialised in sales and marketing with startup companies both in New Zealand and overseas.

He was also an early pioneer and developer in the serviced office space in Auckland City.

Over the last number of years Ross has focused on seed investing in startup companies, mainly in the SAAS (Software as a Service ) market.

He was the founding investor of Pushpay Holdings Limited which went onto be be one of New Zealands most successful IPO’s in recent years with a present capitalisation of over 900 million.

Ross spends his regular time in the rural areas of the developing world where his team of over 500 full times workers pioneer education centres for the poor and under privileged children, and helps facilitate startup business’s in order for families to provide for their families and the local communities.

Kevin has 36 years of experience in business, his early career was in computer hardware and electrical engineering before moving into software development and product management. He is skilled in operational management, recruitment and team building. For much of his working life he has been IT engineering in the start-up sector or management of offices for multinationals in New Zealand. He has travelled extensively in a number of guises. He has founded and is a shareholder of several start-up businesses in New Zealand that have had successful exits and brings a wealth of skill in Operations.

Key People

  • Jon Lowy

  • Michael Vukcevic

    Consultant - Business Strategy

Jonathan Lowy is Founder of RipeTime. He is a serial entrepreneur who has spent a career in early stage business and has twenty-plus years’ experience in helping develop exclusive products. As an engineer and materials scientist he has been central to the creation of a range of world-leading technologies across medical, avionics, noise cancellation, marine instruments, GPS road navigation and a multitude of other areas.

Mr. Vukcevic has spent his career in business development and management positions. International Business Development and Governance are two areas where Mr. Vukcevic brings significant experience to the board of RipeTime. Michael has advised a number of companies on capital raising, international expansion and governance across a number of sectors and technologies. He has worked for Fonterra (New Zealand’s largest company), EY (Ernst & Young) in a Business Development position, and has lead two companies as CE. He currently advises a number of companies as an Associate at Gilligan Sheppard, New Zealand’s Premier Boutique Accounting and Advisory Firm.

About Our Clients

To date, RipeTime have successfully executed early-stage trials on kiwifruit with SEEKA Kiwifruit Industries Limited, and apples with New Zealand produce giant, Turners and Growers Global Limited. Additionally, RipeTime has commenced first-stage testing on stone fruit at Melbourne based Cutrifruit, and conducted some in-house testing on New Zealand produced cherries.

RipeTime is also currently in discussions with South American produce growers, as well as various Australian and New Zealand produce companies in relation to implementing our technology in their supply chain.


As part of the RipeTime journey we have come in contact with a number of personnel and organisations that we would like to acknowledge and say thanks.

  • Seeka Kiwifruit Industries Limited — Kevin Halliday GM Post Harvest
  • T&G Global — Morgan Rogers Head of Quality & Innovation Pipfruit
  • Start Afresh — Dr David Tanner and Dr Abdul Jabber Malik
  • NZTE — Richard Barrand Auckland Office, Chile/ Taiwan offices
  • Cutrifruit — Gaethan Cutri
  • Diagnofruit —- Hector Garcia
  • AUT — Auckland University of Technology
  • Innovators