RipeTime Field Research Manager Dr Abdul Jabbar; accompanied by engineer Ryan Cocking, have recently returned from Melbourne-based Cutrifruit; one of Australia’s leading stone fruit producers, where they conducted first-stage testing on peaches


, nectarines and plums.

Dr Jabbar and Mr Cocking designed a first-stage trial that would aim to demonstrate the effective applicability of the RipeTime technology in the stone fruit supply chain. The trial consisted of two sets of activities, (1) application of the tag and reader technology and (2) use of the environmental sensors (ES) at the commercial stone fruit packing and storage facility of Cutrifruit. This first-stage trial allowed RipeTime to identify the unique signatures of the produce at different stages in the supply chain, and the signatures of good versus poor quality fruit.

Cutrifruit, who introduced themselves to RipeTime earlier this year is hoping RipeTime technology can detect and differentiate good and bad storing batches of produce; identifying which batches are destined for export, and which should remain in the domestic market.

Using the anaylsed data Dr Jabbar and Mr Cocking collected on their recent visit, RipeTime will now construct a trial protocol for more extensive testing, commencing in February. This trial will involve early season stone fruit.

Cutrifruit is a stone fruit grower and export company in Swan Hill, Australia. Cutrifruit exports premium quality stone fruit to China and Middle Eastern countries.