RipeTime LTD is an Auckland-based start-up who have developed ethylene sensors to help the produce industry minimise waste and lower the cost of quality.

The team we’re building will have people who are:

  1. Diverse in race, gender, and background;
  2. Familiarity with multiple cultures, and working in multicultural environments;
  3. Diverse in skills: initially generalists and later specialists;
  4. As able to effectively share ideas as receive those of others;
  5. As able to support as to challenge;
  6. Supporting the successful deployment of their software, not merely coding and throwing over the wall;
  7. Understanding that people are the most important part of technology.

Our offices are in Birkenhead on the North Shore, and we have a beautiful view of the Waitemata harbour from our deck. The whole office works on flexible hours, accommodating child pickup/dropoff and commutes.

We’re hiring!

  1. Generalist Software Engineer

You must be eligible to work in New Zealand (be a citizen or permanent resident, or possess the appropriate work visa).

Interested? Email your resume to Nat Torkington, CTO Software and Data, or call +64-21-428-052.

Don’t see your job here?

We are looking for world leaders that share our passion for produce and minimising cost of quality. To find out how we can help, get in touch.

RipeTime is a fast-growing technology company and is looking to recruit talented and dynamic individuals. Currently we are looking to recruit technical and manufacturing staff in our Auckland office, and business development & channel management professionals in a number of locations. To find out more contact Piers Gascoine.